The Link in SEO and it’s Different Uses

What is the Link in SEO and it’s Different Uses
This is the introductory article about links before I explore deeper into the topic of Google’s Addiction.
What is a link?

A link is html hyper text represented with the a element. It is a door way from one web page to another.
<a href=””> <a/>

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The link has two parts. The anchor and the destination
<href=”the link destination”>The link anchor text<a/>
Absolute and Relative Links
A link can be absolute or relative. An External link is always absolute, meaning you have the http:// at the front of the address as your browser will need this to retrieve the destination.

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The relative link is normally used when a page links to another page on the same domain. For example we are on my home page and want to link to my page b as page b is a page in my website we link to it this way.
<a href=”/pageb.html”>My relative destination link to page b</a>
If we was linking to page b from another website it would have to be absolute
<a href=””>My absolute destination link to page b</a>
You can link to pages within your website using absolute links it does not really make a difference. Although do me mindful that absolute links for your internal pages does code bloat so it can make it slower to load and site speed is a ranking factor for Google now.
The Ways That Links Are Used.
There are three ways a link can be used on page.
Navigation Menus
The path around your site guiding users around your site in a hierarchical manner back to the top level pages (side bar and footer links fall under this category)
Text links normally displayed horizontally across. These link show the user from the page their are at how deep within the hierarchy they are offering a quick return.
Home > Level 1 > Level 2 > Level 3

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Inline Text Links
Links contained within the paragraphs of the page or body text

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